Who We Are

Hacienda Don Carlos was like an abandoned child , when  Juan Carlos Montiel knew about the Coffee Farm, ( June 2002)  it was in quite bad condition , his former owner had passed away and the rest of the family did not have any interest in keeping it working,  Mr. Montiel visited the farm along with his field man Luis Ernesto Avila an expert in Coffee and both of them saw great potential , the farm was bought and immediately and simultaneously went into a salvage program , from re-planting trees to infrastructure , the wonderful thing about regarding Mr. Montiel’s comments  were that the farm regardless of not being attended for years still managed to keep healthy trees of coffee and macadamia , so there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

Houses were built for the families to live at the Hacienda , along with a huge warehouse , a clinic for the workers and a large office , the entrance was enhanced and currently a Casa Patronal is being built , along with an outside Jacuzzi  overlooking the plantation , the Hacienda has wonderful sights one of them is a water wall about 30 to 40 minutes on foot from the Casco (center of Hacienda) wild flowers full of color are all around , and the Macadamia trees are something to see, on the works are plans to build a walk path from the Casco to the Cascada (water fall) with kiosks around for resting and camping.

HEALTH: Hacienda Don Carlos is implementing a full equipped clinic named after of the owners “ J. GELDERMANN” (Clinica Medica) that will serve not only our very own employees and families, but the families from the towns around.

RECREATION: Also we are working rapidly creating and specific area for the kids (CHARLES KELLY’S PARK, ALSO A PARTNER) an infant’s nursery, both centers is of great need while their parents harvest the product.

TRADITIONS: At the end of the coffee harvest Hacienda Don Carlos host a party (December 23TH OR 24TH) to thank every one for their efforts, it serves to bring closeness among all Management and regular workers and their families, gifts are given and prices are ruffle , a full meal is served while the music chants.

Hacienda Don Carlos is also conducting studies to produce only Organic Coffee, we feel that about three to five  years the whole production could be Organic, in addition to this is building a path with kiosks to walk around the plantation toward the water fall and water garden.

The plans for the Casa Campestre that will host Nationals as foreign visitors is on the way and we hope to unveil the pragmatic results of it soon.